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Today I went to help mi amiga Doña Guille at the Pulga. I’m still working on a film about the Pulga where she has a puesto, it was part of my senior thesis before I graduated from UT( it’s almost going to be a year). I’ve learned so much about her, but I think today we took our relationship to the next level. She was my boss today. Me senti torpe porque como era mi first day de work. It’s so much hard work. I am como le hacen para trabajar tanto—and chit chat to people all day. The music was vicente, and while watching her pile of shoes, i would go on long thoughts and memories, then I’d slowly come back when someone asked me the price of a pair of shoes. It was hard to sell shoes, but on the other side Doña Jauquis was busting out those rusas, y asking for change, y relajo aqui relajo aya… well anyways I sucked as a one day employee—porque I dropped some fruit cup when someone asked me for one, then I just went back to the shoe thing, when I didn’t know what to do. I took two pictures, one is of Doña Jauquis getting flowers from an admirer, y el otro es el vaquero con unos lentes medios funny. These guys are some of Doña Guille’s most faithful employees. Juan y yo los conocimos cuando comenzamos con el proyecto, en see tiempo la juaquis was wearing a wig  because she was going through chemo, y el vaquero era todavia el vaquero. It’s great to see her doing so much better with her own greña. I asked  today, “ey vaquero cuando vas a cambiar tus botas por un tennis shoe?” He just laughed with me and walked me to the crosswalk after Doña Guille told me to go home. I had only worked for about 8 hours, unlike she who had probably been there since 5 in the morning, and was probably going to leave close to nine at night. Sometimes I just want to be as strong as she is, sometimes—like today, I realize how hard it is to be her, and she just laughs, manages, sells, and organizes the best way she can. I wish I had taken a picture of her today. 

  1. marioamario said: Wow..mi gusta mucho. La historia es bien linda. Yo quiero ir. Ahora tengo ganas ir a la pulga
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